Sell a Home


How we sell your home. Selling a home is a complicated and detailed process. We work for you, on a 100% success basis, to optimize the value obtained for your home and to sell it as quickly and efficiently as possible. The starting point is pricing the home right. This is where our experience starts. A well priced home should sell in most markets. While we understand you as a seller would like to get the most value for your home, market conditions ALWAYS prevail. And the market will dictate whether the pricing is right for the condition of the property and the current market economics.

Buyers are on the Internet….and so are we! According to the latest study by the National Association of Realtors, 90% of all buyers use the Internet to search for homes and in the 24-44 age group, 96% use the Internet to search for homes. The median age of the typical buyer is 39, and 47% of all buyers are first time buyers*. So Today’s buyer is a “young,” computer savvy shopper. Because of this, I market your home online.

The first step is your house goes into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so all area agents can see the listing online. The MLS listing has details like photos, virtual tours and marketing descriptions. Do not list your home with an agent that is not part of the MLS…you are wasting your time.

See Sample Tour

See Sample Tour

Next, we use to create a virtual tour that really is The next best thing to being there! Their Interactive FloorPlan allows a buyer to virtually walk through your home anytime of the day or night. Not all agents use it because they are not willing to invest in the marketing dollars to get the job done right. I am…and it works! In fact, I have sold properties as a direct result of the FloorPlanOnline Tour. One couple bought a house only after seeing the tour, really studying the floorplan, and determining the floor plan layout could meet their family’s needs. The tour costs a little more, but it is worth it, and your listing deserves it. It comes with a floor plan, photos, a property video, flyer and social networking tools, like the ability for me and YOU to bookmark the tour to Facebook or Twitter. Now you can help in the selling process! It is a great tool and that is why I use FloorPlanOnline on all of my listings.

Other sites. Your listing also goes on the Reece and Nichols and the Cone Team websites, complete with the virtual tours. It also gets pulled into, which also has the virtual tour attached as a Featured Tour. 40%+ of all buyers use It also gets distributed to many other sites to get maximum exposure on the Internet, such as Zillow, Trulia, etc. I even post each listing into my Facebook page, where I have a My Listings tab that shows my listings pulled from, so my social network can help sell your house too.

Is your house online? If not, give us a call.

An Offer comes in, what’s next? Once we receive offers on your home, I work for you to negotiate the sale. Nowdays, closing the sale can be a challenge. Common issues in Today’s market place include appraisal issues (the home fails to appraise at the selling price), inspection issues and other buyer financing issues. Our experience in handling these issues, and often, proposing alternative deal points, helps close deals.

FREE Home Evaluation.  We at the Cone Team would love to work with you in selling your property. Please contact us Today to schedule a listing appointment and a free home evaluation.

*Source: 2009 Home Profile of Buyers and Sellers, National Association of Realtors. See more details on the study.