Why do I need a Buyer’s Agent?
To be certain your interests are fully protected and all details about the house can be fully disclosed to you.

Why does the agreement need to be exclusive?
It is a two way street. You commit to us and we commit to you. That creates a mutual trust!

Can I work with other agents too?
Not under an exclusive agency agreement. We’re confident you’ll be completely satisfied with our service and won’t feel the need to work with anyone else.

What happens if I am not happy with the job you are doing?
We work under a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” policy. If we are clearly not doing our job, we will resign as your agent.

Can you help me buy a FSBO house?
Absolutely, we do it all the time!

Who pays the Buyer’s Agent’s commission?
It is the seller who pays the commission in our market, but it can vary in other parts of the country.

I want to drive around and look at homes on my own, but I want the Cone Team to be my Buyer’s Agent. How do I protect my interests?
We prefer this not happen, however, we always ask that you inform the other agent that the Cone Team is your Buyer’s Agent and then ask if he will agree to protect us as your agent and work with us if you like the house.

What if I decide I want to buy a house a friend of mine told me about?
We will be pleased to represent your interests as your Buyer’s Agent and negotiate the purchase for you!

Why do you want the Buyer’s Agency Agreement to be for 180 days?
Because it may take a few weeks to find your dream house, then the closing is dependent on the seller’s agenda. It could be 180 days before your house purchase closes, especially if it is a new home.

How long does it take to get pre-approved?
The lenders we work with can usually get it done within a matter of hours after you have completed your application!

Can I get pre-approved if I have a bad credit history?
That depends. But we have had cases where buyers have had a bankruptcy over two years prior and they have been approved.

What should I not do after getting pre-approved?
DO NOT buy any high dollar items or apply for credit anywhere—it will drop your credit rating and could cause your loan approval to be voided!

How long does it take to find a house?
That usually depends on the buyer, but also depends on the law of supply and demand. The key is knowing exactly what your search criteria are, and if more than one person is involved, all buyers being “together” in the decision making process.

When can we get started?
NOW is not too early for us! Are you ready to buy or sell a home hassle free style?