Residents of Weatherby Lake, take notice.

From the office of the Park Hill School District Superintendent.

In order to provide prepare our students for 21st-century college and careers, the Park Hill School District is asking voters to approve a levy increase on April 8. The 32-cent increase would allow our schools to finish rolling out the Future Learner Project, or FLiP, which is a big shift in our classrooms to make them more student-centered. Increased access to technology makes it possible for our teachers to provide more personalized instruction to our students. Our costs for FLiP include teacher training, additional technology and more tech support.

The levy will make it possible for us to kick-start the safety projects we are developing from the recommendations in our recent safety audit. Although the auditor said Park Hill’s safety is excellent, he did give us some suggestions, and we are working with law enforcement and other key stakeholders to select the best, most effective solutions. Although we have a district budget for addressing safety programs, the levy will allow us to speed up these projects.

There are many questions in the community about the levy, and you can find all the answers by clicking here  or by calling the school district office at (816) 359-4000.

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