Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Author, Brenda Crow says, “The more I cook, the more I conclude that simplicity really is a gorgeous
understatement on the plate. I’m hardly a cook who seeks out fifteen-minute
dinners, eats replacement meals, or thrives on the easy-as-pie approach. When it
comes down to it, I love cooking, so spending less time in the kitchen is not
often the goal. But even though I look for the adventurous, I often find that
for many foods, simpler is better. When you have that right ingredient, whether
it’s a perfectly ripe peach or a vivid, smoky paprika, it doesn’t pay to
overcomplicate in the kitchen. These lovely foods are fully capable of speaking
for themselves. In some cases, ordinary ingredients have the power to transform
even the simplest dishes. This collection of recipes is based on that premise.
You’ll find well-worn recipes here that look (and taste!) ever so different just
by the addition or substitution of something special. The next time you consider
a dish that’s in your permanent rotation, think about how you could change just
one element and transform it into something new.”  Read more….

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