Do you have hidden toxins in your home?

Do you ever wonder why you start sneezing out-of-control at times?  Do you have unexplained health aliments/issues which seem to appear on your body mysteriously?  Here’s an interesting article by the publication entitled “Bottom Line/Personal” might be helpful for eliminating substances and items from your home which could be adversely impacting your health:

You also might want to consider getting the ducts in your home cleaned if you notice an unusually large amount of dust building up on your furniture, etc.  Toby Tobin (if you don’t know about Toby, he is a HUGE source of information about the home—inside and outside—and you can listen to him each Saturday from 6 to 9 a.m. on KMBZ 980 AM in Kansas City—it is well worth your time.  Or, his website is:  Toby recommends you consider Midwest Duct Cleaning.  And, I also noticed that there is a Groupon available for vent (not duct) cleaning from American Floor Care—normally $175, but now available via Groupon for $59.  We know nothing about either of these duct cleaning vendors so we can not endorse them.

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