The Sweet Aromas of Spring

Author Caroline Ford writes, As winter’s frost melts into the soft pastels of a budding spring, I’m eager to gather my friends in celebration. The bright colors of the season’s edible treasures need nothing more than a clean, white tablecloth and a bouquet of fragrant flowers. Enjoy this light lunch on a sunny patio or fling open your windows for a fresh breeze and the sweet smell of spring. For a twist on a standard mimosa, I’ve paired a sweet rhubarb syrup with tart grapefruit juice to create a flirty pink cocktail that’s a welcome refreshment as your guests join the party. Since nothing says spring quite like asparagus, I’ve placed rows of tender green stalks on top of zesty ricotta cheese tucked into buttery puff pastry. The individual tarts are served alongside herbaceous mini frittatas and vibrant pink gravlax on rye crackers. For a decadent finish to the garden party, I love serving a classic combination of berries and cream. Sweet and rich, the roasted strawberry ice cream highlights the gorgeous colors of this tender spring fruit. It’s outstanding accompanied by pieces of dense poppy seed pound cake or fluffy angel food cake. These recipes will serve a party of six, but they can be easily doubled for larger festivities.”  Read more….

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