#54 Union Cemetary

The cholera epedemic of 1849 in Westport and the town of Kansas , left both communities struggling with a place to bury the ones who had died of the disease. Forty nine acres were deeded to the Union Cemetary Assocoation in 1857 by an individual , which was between the towns of Westport and Kansas and was to be used by both communities, thus the “union” name given to bring the two communities together. Little did they realize that the towns would grow to become one and that the 49 acres would be far too little land for the thriving metropolis. Kansas City Parks and Recreation now maintain the grounds which consist of 27 acres.All records were lost in a fire in 1899 which destroyed the Sexton’s cottage. Many graves were marked with wooden markers or limestone markers which succumbed to weather. These were important records to lose. Visit 227 E 28th Terrace/816-472-4990
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