#48 Laugh-O-Gram Studio

This studio was Walt Disney’s film making studio in Kansas City. It is located at 1127 E 31st Street. Various attempts to restore the building have failed and today, it is not restored in its entirity. The Laugh-O-Gram studio was located on the second floor. May, 1922 was the founding of the studio by Walt with $15,000. Several film animation pioneers were involved with Walt at the time, but by the end of 1922, the company was out of money. In 1923, it filed bankruptcy and Disney sold his movie camera and used the money to take a train to Hollywood. The ispiration for Mickey Mouse was born in KC!. Several tame mice lived in the studio and at night would fight for a few crumbs in the wastebasket. Walt picked them out of the trash and put them in wire cages on his desk. He was fond of one, which he trained and later when he showed his wife a picture he’d drawn of the mouse and told her the name he had picked, she replied she din’t like name and said let’s call him “Mickey”!The year 1928. The rest is history. Visit the area and see where history began.
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