Vacation in Seattle

July is vacation time for many families, ours included. Marlin, my husband, flew with the Seattle grandchildren as they returned home from Kansas City, on July 17. I came a week later and have enjoyed the wonderful Seattle summer weather (warm, no rain and humidity) plus the backyard pool parties with the kids and friends. We head back to the mid-west on July 28th and then it is much of the same for us. Have you taken a vacation this summer? Any great places you can recommend? Would love to hear about it.

Ballard Locks

Watch for a new daily post to be coming here shortly called “365 Things to do in Kansas City.” The idea came from the 11 days we hosted 5 grandchildren in age 4-14 and the daily question, “Grama, what are we going to do today?” Check this out starting next week…August 2, 2010

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