Taking the grandkids to Worlds of Fun

Last night we (my husband, Marlin, and Ray & Ann Krob—friends of ours and our youngest son’s father-in-law and step mother-in-law) took our five grandkids who are staying with us (from the 4th of July to the 17th!!) to World’s of Fun, a great family amusement park.  JD & Tori (twins age 14 from Houston) have been there before and we heavy into the hard core rides right up until the end.  Aidan, 7 from Seattle, had his first two roller coaster rides and did quite well with the support of his two older cousins.  Nina (Aidan’s 4 year old sister) and Avery (our 3 year old great granddaughter from Houston) had a great time with Ann & me on the kiddie rides.  Marlin & I were able to stump the guy who guesses either your BD, your weight or your age.  He pegged me at 50 and Marlin at 41 (his non-gray hair is what did it!)—what a ego boost!!  So, we were able to let the two little girls pick out their favorite stuffed animal (as if they needed another one???!!!).

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