4th of July Goes On…

Despite the unusual rain (downpour, actually), the Weatherby Lake, MO 4th of July fireworks were fired off in usual spectactular fashion, but were delayed a few minutes.   My family and I watched the fireworks from our waterfront yard in the pouring rain, after which several of our soaked/crazy group  jumped into Weatherby Lake with their rain drenched clothes on!  Quite fun!

We also had a “tent party” in the “lean-t0 front porch” of a 70’s VW Camper owned by one of my nephew’s (from Park City, Utah).  He drove his 1977 VW bus, complete with a pop-up camper top to attend our event.  His “tent living room” made it a cozy conversation on our front yard during the steady downpour for about 90 minutes.  Too bad we did not have a video camera set up in the “tent” as there was one of the best comedy routines ever on display!!  What a talented, creative, bright and hilarious group of folks!!  I think some had sore stomachs and throats from laughing so hard!!

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